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Dec. 1996

Letters/Back Issues

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On Rhine's Road

Pink Sphere

Although Election '96 is over, the task of shaping tomorrow has just begun! Political enthusiasts can explore, debate and vote on important issues at an online Congress. Results of this game will be sent to the 'real' Congress in Washington at year end. Sign up for some exciting game play at Reinventing America.

If music is your bent, travel to Nashville where you can become a music publisher. Win a recording contract, and, if you are talented enough, you will enter the Hall of Fame. Welcome to Virtual Nashville.

For the financially-addicted or the economically deprived, Sandbox Entertainment features the Stock Market. Learn how to earn money without losing your pants. Buy, sell, trade and compete for prizes. And, for a different perspective, build a portfolio and use cyber money to trade at Fantasy Stock market.

Now, grab an alias, obtain security clearance and become a secret agent. Join a special mission at the graphics' enhanced Mission Impossible.

And if you make it back from your spy mission safely, visit Rhine 4's Theory for additional game fun.

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