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Winter/Spring '97

The closed mind, if closed long enough, can be opened by nothing short of dynamite. -- Gerald W. Johnson



Travel even farther back in time to ancient Rome. Join the Empire as a plebian, improve your standing and vie for the Emperor. Discover the key to either save or destroy the city at SPQR: An Ancient Adventure in Rome




  • Browse "Rhine 4's" play list for some of the Web's most innovative and challenging strategy and interactive games that will send you into higher realms.

  • Start with The Cypher and join a crew to unearth ancient manuscripts that will unveil centuries of secrets. Explore the castle ruins and unlock the cypher.

  • Enter the Time Machine and embroil yourself in the acid-laced multimedia novel Sunshine '69: The Beginning. Groove on the tunes of the late 60's, and spend the Summer 0f 1969 on a trippy adventure of mystery and mayhem.
  • Experience Real Audio and Shockwave in the counter-espionage thriller Spycraft .Receive your case briefing with the Web 1 Intelligence Agency and embark upon your first mission.

  • For a completely different and glamorous twist, try out the Hollywood Stock Exchange. Own a piece of Hollywood; buy and trade shares with global shareholders; choose stocks from actual Hollywood movies or buy Star Bonds for actual stars in various stages of their careers.
  • And if that's not enough, try Rhine 3 Editorial for some great political and music themed strategy games.Rhine 2 Editorial has an even greater selection of politically-based games and online mysteries.

  • That's it for this issue! Happy game fun!

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