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Women's Dept.

Lesbian Writers' Guild

Explore a variety of writing links for women including: online e-zines; poetry, fiction and contests.

LiveWire Women and Writing Links

Receive critical feedback from these editors. Find lots of writing help here. Lots of writing links and many, many women's resources.

Light of Some Kind

This new gay magazines is looking for people to fill some of its editorial positions and welcomes new submissions.

Rhine's Picks


These sites get top marks from our editors.

Postcards from Diva

Woman-designed postcards are featured here. The group is looking for more images by new female artists. Lots of links.

Wit's End Literary Magazine

Encouraging creativity via the Web is the goal of this online gay magazine. Submissions are welcome at this friendly site. Lots of good writing resources and more!

GayDaze Magazine

Fairy Tales and Dyke Dramas wants your fiction and short stories. This lively magazine  also offers readers the opportunity to fairly critique online material in Fairy Tales. Readers can also send gay postcards by e-mail. Lots of good resources.

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