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"On The Rhine" is published from sunny Western Canada on a regular basis, dependant on how quickly our editors get to work! We've never been to the "Rhine", but we would have liked to. This newsletter is a joy to produce; a heart-breaker when the code doesn't line up; and a major depression when our content becomes lost between our computer, FTP and the World Wide Web. In the between time, please enjoy. Send mail to

Back Issues

Issue 2Mystery fans will enjoy our Editorial Dept. which includes a variety of cyber thrillers.

Our Women's Section includes e-zines and links for artists  and writers.

Our Home Page Dept. is a great place for the novice web designer. Learn how to launch a site for free.

Issue 1 features political online games - run for President; play Diplomacy by e-mail;

Our Women's Section includes resources for writers and artists.

In the Home Page Department,find great novice tools.

And our Classified Section is just that.

Java Search

Here's a new Java-fuelled search engine to simply search the Web This service requires Netscape 2.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0.

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