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Dec. 1996
JavaScript: Tips

Don't know much about JavaScript? Here, you can copy the source code of some of the latest techniques and apply it to your page. Many helpful links for the beginner and intermediate.

Rhine JavaScript

We've created some simple JavaScript that you can add to your own pages, including a clock, background changer, and buttons. Many thanks to Ken Nesbitt's WebEdit

Abstract Dimensions

Load up your copy of Paint Shop Pro, pull up your browser to this site and design along. Follow the tips to make your own graphics and text. Lots of links to other online tutorials.

Web Monkey

Learn HTML online at this site. Basic and intermediate levels for the designer. Cool site with great tips.


Quality collection of  free designer animated graphics. Nicely designed site includes graphic tips, and lots of art resources.

Additional Graphic Links

Jelane's Free Graphics includes backgrounds with matching borders, buttons and icons.

Land of the Squishy has a nice gallery of free graphics, some of which were used here.
Performance Tools
In our quest for a better web site, we have discovered some great new online tools for novice and intermediate web designers. Take a look!

Color Maker
Finding the right color for your backround and text is now even easier. At the "Color Maker", you can experiment with color design on existing online pages or ones still incubating. This tool gives hex code for all your combinations. As well the site has  excellent online table and frame makers. Save the code to disk.

Table Tutor
For designers who want precise information  on creating tables, frames or forms, the "Table Tutor" has three excellent online tutorials. Open up your editor, jump to this site, and learn how to make outstanding add-ons.

Net Fusion
Download an evaluation copy of Net Fusion HTML Editor and make use of their thorough online tutorial for creating great web pages. Includes templates, graphics and a site manager, as well as image mapping tools, CGI Scripts, Java, and Active X  Controls.

Rhine 2

Read On The Rhine 2 for additional web design tools.
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