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Dec. 1996

Congress, Nashville, the Stock Market, and a Java-based trivial pursuit. Wow!

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Writers and artists will love these exciting new publications.

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Web designers will definitely want to use some of these cool online tools - Java, frames, tables and more!

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Pink Triangle We're here!. Yes, the third issue of "on The Rhine" newsletter is finally poking its face in cyberspace. This issue is loaded! Take a look at the new online games - enter Congress or climb the music charts at Nashville. In our Women's Department, we feature some new women's and gay publications; and in our Home Page Dept., we have oodles of terrific online web design tools. And, of course, there is our Classified Department, brimming with the odd, the obnoxious and the decadent. Enjoy!

Pink Triangle

Pink Triangle

Pink Triangle
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