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Winter 1997

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change. --Anonymous

Classified Department


Mind Games

Interested in online I-Q Tests? Like to explore Right/Left Brain concepts? Then, explore these sites and award yourself a gold disc!



The BrainTainment Center

Exercise isn't just for your body! Visit this site for a free online brain check-up and enter the Cyber Coin Brain Shop to test and improve your IQ and mental abilities. Intelligence can be measured and enhanced in seven different categories.  Explore these exciting concepts online.

arrow.gifCreativity Web 
At the Mental Workout Center, find challenging puzzles to flex your muscle, or increase your thinking skills at the Lateral Thinking Section, or even enter a short story based on the displayed photograph. The best entry will be published at this site every month.

Hot Rod Your Head 
Stop at this exceptional site for quizzes, tests and great resources for creativity and awareness.

arrow.gif Quotations Home Page 
Gain access to timeless knowledge and quotations from some of the greatest minds.Plenty of ways to search this site to find exactly what you need.

arrow.gifBook of Cliches 
You've heard it all before! Didn't we tell you so. Find some great quips here and lots of interesting links.


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