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Winter/Spring 97 


Adam ate the apple, and our teeth still ache. -- Hungarian Proverb


I.gifn addition to some exciting new women's e-zines that are not only good "reads" and accepting submissions from new and accomplished writers, "Rhine 4's Women Department" includes some of the newest women-oriented sites including a women's cyber-city, a super-charged gay search engine, and a few other delights. Browse through the links and explore the expanding world of women.


Trendy Cyber 'Zines

   Offering an alternative voice to women is HOT GOS Magazine, a professionally designed e-zine which focuses on women's issues, entertainment, health, poetry, and news. Articles, fiction and photography are welcome.

   Also looking for writers in a variety of departments including non-fiction, news, short stories and personal experience is My Magazine . An added bonus is a new writers' contest.

One of the most comprehensive additions to the WWW is Amazon City , the first city for women on the Internet. With its guided tour, diverse departments, and chat area, this site is a definite must for cyber women. Its newest feature is Amazon City Radio which is looking for contributors in every department including: arts, entertainment, music and more! And you can submit poetry to the Poetry Corner or browse the Library.

   Finally, visit Refractory an exciting e-zine which welcomes articles, cartoons and letters.


Women's Launch Pad

A new banner promotion site for women can be found at Banner Women. Increasing the visibility of women online is the goal of this site which links sites that focus on women and women's content. Affiliate membership is free for those who meet content guidelines. 

Visit the Rainbow Query Search Engine, and add your site or explore the largest gay listings on the Web.
Wit's End Literary E-zine not only accepts fiction and non-fiction, but also has an exciting award for Creativity in Cyberspace.

More Rhine Women Links

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