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Summer '98  vol. 2 no. 1

adventures for cyber nights

Online entertainment that will stretch your wits, tweak your mind, and engage your sense of humor  is highlighted in this issue of Rhine. Trade in your rockets and lasers for some interactive fiction and exciting adventure that will  send you  into the outer dimensions!


Interactive Fiction Game  Sites

A great starting point for interactive fiction and story sites is the Story Web which rates and reviews  the best and worst  on the Web in over seven categories including: Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror and more!

Five minute mysteries for either the hurried web surfer or the quick-witted traveller can be found at Salon Magazine. While there, browse or speed-read their magazine.

If you’d rather explore your own brand of online games, go to FunFan  Web Games which has an extensive listing of online games which is udated frequently.

                        Starting Point        

  Join the  team of  psycho-analysists at Silicon       Impressions Inc., a computer company in   cyberspace and assist the young  Dr. Charles Bali who is currently looking after the emotional health needs of this large corporation. Create your own characters and prescriptions for this online hyperdrama that features well-developed characters with a continuous and entertaining theme at The Company Therapist.


   Sign up for  a secret field mission that will push and text your survival skills to the outer edges of the universe at Escape from L.A.


   Become a Trivia God or Goddess at the 80’s Serverwhere you can explore that decade of techno-pop, fashion and news.  A variety of trivia games to explore here, as well as chat and other online goodies.

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