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Summer '98
vol. 2. no.1


Hot Sites Webmaster T’s World of Design publishes an E-Zine for site designers. Articles, tutorials and web promotion are offered.

Add some hi-tech interaction to your pages with code from JavaScript Galore. This smartly designed site offers over 400 free scripts.

 At The Mining Company search their new net finds,  take a tutorial, find HTML tips/tricks and  articles. And check out their cool graphics and resources.

After staking your site’s claim in cyberspace, make sure you go to The Net Mechanic where you can check for broken links, HTML errors, and your server’s response time.

Would you like to know where your site ranks in  8 major search engines? Rank This is a free online tool that will locate your web’s placement through keywords in some of the most popular search machines on the Web.

Styles are vogue

NEW An excellent introduction to designing with style can be found at CNet’s getting started with cascading style sheets. The tutorial  includes the basics, as well as advanced effects and an online editor to create Style Sheets code.

NEW The Web’s most comprehensive guide can be found at Web Review’s Style Sheets Reference Guide. Included are CSS tables which include  the “specs” and current tag usage as well as articles and tutorials. The page will be updated regularly with the latest advancements and techniques.

Another site with  great info is the Web Design Group’s  Guide To Cascading Style Sheets which also offers a style sheet validator which will check your HTML!

NEW Designers interested in Dynamic HTML and Style Sheets for both Navigator and IE Explorer will find excellent examples and advanced design at YASD. The site's creator is a contributing author to the upcoming book, "Dynamic Web Publishing Unleashed."

UPDATED For a detailed online reference to Style Sheets for both Explorer and Navigator, visit the Web Worker's Tool Box Style Sheet Guide.

More Style Sheet Resources

Finally check out these additional resources:

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