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Summer '98 vol. 2 no. 1

Pleasurable Escapes on the Web

Escapes lets readers  kick back, relax and enjoy some of  the award winning sites on the Web, as well as the  fun,  the off beat, the unusual.

Fun Stuff:    At Amuse-O-Matic 2000, create your own Spice Girls’ lyrics, pen a  love letter,  write a country tune or enter the Center for the Easily Amused.

Like to voice your opinion or complete surveys? Connect to Survey Sayswhich  features endless surveys and polls  ranging from politics, humor to lifestyle.

Dubbed the ultimate how-to site, Learn2 features info that will make  your life easier if not smarter. Categories include: food, feeling good, technical and more!and

Learn to be an artist at Graphics Den where you can complete 7 different tutorials as well as submit your art to their online gallery. The tutorials improve the learning curve for PSP, but other graphic programs can apply.

If you are in the market for some exciting web surfs,  just designing a web site or recently completed one, visiting some of the Web Award sites is a must! Recognizing original, innovative and cool home pages, these Award sites can offer hours and hours of excellent entertainment and information for the casual surfer, novice designer or seasoned pro. At Clear Presence Web Promotions, you can surf some of  the most prestigious award sites on the WWW; learn the criteria used by many of these sites; and possibly win yourself an award! Find links to 100’s of  award and cool sites, tips on promoting your web site, and more! And don’t forget to enjoy the surf!

When your site is complete, go to Award-It, the one-stop award registration service that will submit your entry to over 20 different sites. While there, check out the winners at participating members’ sites.

A new tool for submitting your new site to over 250 search engines is The Web Submitter. This free service includes a report of successful search engine registrations.

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