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Summer '98   vol. 2  no. 1


A Rhine Special Feature: Adding Style to your  Web!

Learn some nifty and cool design tricks featuring some of the latest tags and code in our HTML Tips. Cut and Paste  into your own site.


W ith the latest releases of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, designers can  gain new dimensions in their layout with Cascading Style Sheets.   Designers can enter into more advanced stages of presentation now  that both major browsers  accept this HTML feature.

I n  this issue of Rhine, we present a Style Sheet Primer - basics on how to add Style to your site, cool  examples,and lots of great resources with their own tutorials and tips!


Rhine's free   Graphics include regular and vertical backgrounds, buttons and icons. Check out our graphic tips and resources for making your own images.

S T Y L E  S H E E T S F E A T U R E

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