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On The Rhine

Women's Section:

rose.gifOct./Nov. 1996
Publishing on the World Wide Web is a breeze compared to our time spent writing in the 'timbered' northern prairies of Canada. Now, the market is global once you are hooked up to your computer and an Internet provider; then, the market only reached the local cowboys and cowgirls who read the local newspaper only after feeding and watering the horses. The great thing today is that you can reach all of the "dudes" no matter what time, no matter what city, no matter what!

One of the most extensive women's sites, THE WIRE includes a huge listing of information and links about women, of course, in addition to The Wire e-zine.Go to the Web section where you can find more links to women's e-zines that take submissions. Enjoy the writing and everything else here!

Feminist writers can find numerous e-zines where they can publish anything from 'Letters to the Editor' and rant sections, to entertainment reviews and fiction. A well-written, women-friendly publication is CRISP with its arts, activism, music and fiction content.

Another exciting publication, sporting a new design, is FOXY which includes a mega index of Chick Stuff for hours of reading. Read the submission guidelines before sending them your work.

Finally, take a look at the world's first cyberfeminist e-zine, GEEK GIRL Travel on over and see how women are contributing to cyberspace.

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