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rose.gifOctober/November 1996


Welcome to the second issue of "On The Rhine,the interactive entertainment newsletter featuring intelligent online fun. If you missed Issue No.1 so did we. Since we are new to Internet publishing, we encountered numerous difficulties in getting our page into cyberspace. However,we have learned many invaluable lessons in learning how to blow our whistles on the World Wide Web.

In our Women's Section, we feature women's e-zines where you can freelance your work and read about how other women are contributing to the World Wide Web.

Our Home Section has expanded and includes sites where you can build a home page online. You can also find some great links for graphics, logos, and banners.

And our Classified Section is back again this issue. Use a Java-enhanced Super Search to find the coolest sites on the web. Send us your favourite links and comments. Enjoy!


Our editorial team , in keeping with our games' theme, focuses on "Mysteries and Solve 'Em" sites in this issue. Solving cases, tracking down suspects and coming up with a solution is a great way to exercise your mind and have some fun. First stop is at THE CASE where you receive a mystery each week by e-mail. Read it, solve it and submit your answers. In addition, this site now offers three adventures per week.

For some multimedia excitement in cyberspace,try SANDBOX ENTERTAINMENT where you can join, win prizes and travel through time in "CyberHunt". Or, sign up for jury duty and cast your verdict in the Netizens' Court.

If you enjoy shopping, dining and dancing, take a trip to CYBERTOWNand when you are finished shopping and dining, take part in the CIA espionage thriller CRACKS IN THE WEB.It features awesome graphics,great sound and good story line.

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