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New Internet port for Women

Herspace is the latest launching site for women on the Internet. A network of women's sites, Herspace is a great place to explore many online magazines, health, employment issues and more!
Some of the participating sites include Amazon City, Hip Mama, Her Health Online and Spiderwoman.

Offering a women's community on health , careers, and technology is Electra, another great resource for women. Recently redesigned in blues and stripes, Electra explores a woman's world in depth.

The Wellesley Post at GeoCities is a monthly e-zine which accepts both fiction and non-fiction submissions. Check out the editorial section, features and contests!

E-Zines Plus

Mousy is an e-zine geared to women, and technogly. but ncludes a liberal dose of politics and entertainment Mousy is looking for features, profiles, reviews and more!

If web publishing is your main focus, PPN's Net 98 is looking for writers who can author how-to articles and software reviews. PPN responds quickly to queries.

Publishers will find gaphics and full of publishing tips and resources for freelancing as well.

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