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Online space quests for serious gamers

Rhine Theory spotlights free space and fantasy games where players can sharpen their skills at trading, buying and building new empires!

Space Merchant is a complex game of skill whereby you begin as a merchant for one of the Seven Races. By exploring, trading and building resources, you can increase you status and choose to become a bounty hunter, fighter, or member of the elite.

Meanwhile at the Federated Colony, adult gamers can participate in a space fantasy game where there are many worlds to explore; players can even create their own! Federated Colony calls itself an online cyburg community that you can join for free.

Utopia is a medieval fantasy game where you will experience war, magic and evil as you build your province into a mighty nation. This site also includes more online action including Earth 2025, Trivia Town and Bingo.

At Monarchy, players become a lord or lady of a small territory, battle dragons and sorcery and build a new kingdom from ruins.

Wave Catcher is a multi-player strategic game where players assume leadership of a small Alien tribe. The goal is to build a new nation.

Panumbra is a role-playing game that takes place in the ancient world of Taera. The game includes fighting monsters, enemies and developing a new world.

Fans of the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous can go on an absolutely wild spending spree playing Ab Fab Splurge. Buy clothing and items for Patsy or Edina and get the chance to win daily prizes.

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